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We’ve implemented, we’ve adapted, now let’s…. evolve

Improving Central’s Applications and Technology (iCAT) 14 core projects have come to an end, but the legacy behind these projects has just begun. Information Services and business owners are fully committed to continued service improvement of the applications that facilitate all facets of CWU’s student success.

We are revisiting all iCAT projects to evaluate and identify improvements we can make to each individual module. During evaluation periods we will partner with system users and conduct focus groups to hear about what is working and what is not. As a team, we will assess the suggested improvements and evolve the modules for ease of use and efficiency.

The core areas of focus over the next 12 months include:

  • Time and Attendance
  • Online Travel Authorization
  • Faculty 180
  • Online Purchase Requisitions
  • cApps (Electronic Personnel Actions)
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Enterprise Reporting

Central’s Service Desk in Information Services will be the hub and knowledge base for all system enhancements and questions. Stay tuned for project updates and information on new features that will come from the Service Desk.

The iCAT team sends a big THANK YOU to the entire campus community for your continued support, patience, and feedback as we evolve together to provide our students with improved services through technology.

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CWU Alcohol & Drug Policy

CWU students, faculty, and staff will be held accountable to the Alcohol & Drug Policy for behaviors both on and off campus. Please read the CWU AOD policy.

CWU Financial Obligation Statement

Registering for classes or receiving services for which payment is required will create a CWU account and constitutes a contractual financial obligation according to the rules and regulations of the State of Washington. The student or other CWU account holder agrees to pay for all charges incurred at Central Washington University including but not limited to Tuition and Fees, Housing and Dining Charges, University Store Purchases, Day Care Charges, Financial Aid Over-Awards, and other miscellaneous charges or fines for services received at the Recreation Center, the Medical and Counseling Center, the Library, Parking, special events, or any other CWU service offering. It is the student's or account holder responsibility to ensure that his/her account is kept current and that payments are made by the published due dates to avoid additional charges. Charges that are not paid by the due dates may be assessed late fees and/or interest charges and all university services may be suspended. Furthermore, the student or account holder agrees to the following:

Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccine

Meningococcal Meningitis is the leading cause of life threatening meningitis in young adults in the U.S. It strikes about 3,000 people each year with 300 deaths. College students account for about 125 cases and 15 deaths.The infection is spread by air droplets similar to the flu virus and has flu-like symptoms initially. Symptoms can progress rapidly and lead to shock or death in hours.

The risk for young adults ages 18-23 is 1.5/1,000,000. College students are not at higher risk than non-students except for freshmen, particularly those living in residence halls (4.6/100,000).

The vaccine is safe and available through your own doctor or the Student Health and Counseling Center at CWU.Side effects are uncommon and usually mild.The vaccine will cause immunity in about 90% of the individuals, but it is ineffective against one serotype of meningoccus, which causes about 30% of the cases.The vaccination lasts three to five years and costs approximately $70.

Mass immunization has not been recommended because of the incidence of meningoccus disease is low. However, the American College Health Association recommends that parents and students, especially freshmen and other residence hall students who want to reduce their risk of disease, consider the benefit of vaccination.Students who have had a splenectomy or who are immunodeficient should consider vaccination.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Student Health Center at 963-1881.

Washington State Voter Registation

Washington State Law, RCW 29A.16.040 requires all public institutions of higher education to actively prompt students to register to vote as a part of the enrollment process. If you would like to register to vote, please visit the Washington Elections & Voting web page.